Research, Interrupted...

So there I was last night, doing some additional research into AstraZeneca and its ties to Toronto Public Health, specifically Dr Evil. At approximately 2100EDT, I got an ugly bit of propaganda directly from Office of the Tyrantosaurus Rex that read some along the lines of "Ontario's Action Plan: Protecting People Health and Our Economy."

This was really offensive, so I spent a couple of hours doing a half-decent reproduction. Enjoy the fruits you dirty motherfuckers.. and please feel free to make suggestions directly to and I'll see about incorporating them into rapid generation. The reproduction source is 100% editable, so just gimme a shout and I'll provide the file package.



So I took that dumb "Action Plan" graphic, and reproduced it at about 97% accuracy. The typeface was easy (RaleWay ExtraBold varying metrics) but the fucking Trillium was a bitch to work with..

This is a working shot for the deconstruction and replication.. the lower left corner is the original true copy, and the bullseye dead-centre is the reproduction. The canvas needs to be big to figure out scaling of the quasi-watermark Trillium...

And once I had a true reproduction, it's easy as fuck to just pump out the variants. These are 4096x4096, but it should easy to go up to a full 10240x10240. Shoot me a note and I'll turns some shit around for you in time to get a print order in for signs to protest the "new normal" budget-fudge-it.


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